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About Chrono Exchange

CHRONO EXCHANGE prides itself as the premier trusted brand of Singapore's secondhand watch specialist and retailer currently located at People's Park Complex (Chinatown), Previously From Far East Plaza. We are dedicated to the selling, buying and refurbishing of pre-owned luxury watches. By applying the principles of trust, honesty, integrity and unyielding excellence in its product and services, Chrono Exchange aims to build a strong and lasting relationship with its customers and at the same time, establish itself as a brand that customers can identify with worldwide.




Authenticity & Quality Assurance

The main concerns from customers are:

  • How do I know if the timepieces are genuine?With more than 25 years of technical experience in the field of timepieces, we are exceptionally particular about the timepieces that are displayed in our showroom. We only accept selective buy-ins from trusted watch dealers and customers to ensure that only 100% authentic timepieces are taken in and sold by Chrono Exchange. We do not entertain replicas of any kind. All our watches come with a 12 months in-house warranty, and you can be assured to have every confidence in your purchase.

  • Does “pre-owned” means a lower quality than a first-hand watch?Pre-owned does not mean that the quality of timepieces are compromised. To meet our strict standards, all our watches have undergone thorough inspections and reconditioning by our in-house servicing centre, on its accuracy, functionality and water resistance. With this service, we ensure that only top quality watches are delivered to you. We will not hesitate to return watches that do not meet our quality standards to the retailers than to compromise our quality standards.


Chrono Exchange Warranty

We pledge by our strict standards to provide 12 months in-house warranty for all watches purchased from our store.


Customer Service

We believe in building long term relationships based on trust and “word of mouth” reviews from our growing customer base, as we feel that that is especially crucial for pre-owned retailers like us. As such, we are known to treat and treasure all our customers and serve them to the best of our abilities by providing all rounded services from choosing your timepiece to after-sales services.


Money Back Guarantee

We provide 100% money back guarantee for any watches bought at Chrono Exchange that are found to be replicas.


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