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Viceroy Single Module 2.7 Watch Winder with Cover

Viceroy Single Module 2.7 Watch Winder with Cover

Single Module 2.7 Watch Winder with Cover and Storage

The 2.7 makes an ideal companion for self-winding watches because it simulates the wrist action, rotating the timepiece as if it were being worn and keeping it wound and ready to wear at a moment’s notice. It’s new rotation setting options — from 300 to 1200 rotations— double the TPD (Turns Per Day) if set Bi-Directional. This allows the mainspring an opportunity to release its stored energy with a nominal amount of energy being spent, keeping the focus on reliability. The new 2.7 Single Watch Rotator with Cover and storage is constructed with a sturdy wooden frame in a supple black pebble finish textured material (outside); silver textured silk faceplate; shiny chrome hardware, recessed metal hinges, a lock, and operates on either 3.3V Adapter (included) or D- Cell batteries(not included). It features a see-through tempered glass lid, and will wind a single watch, and house up to three additional watches in the upper storage compartment.
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